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Monitor Audio History

As close as it gets

Choosing loudspeakers has always been one of the most critical decisions for anyone wishing to build or upgrade an audio system. It’s a commonly held belief among the cognoscenti that choice of loudspeaker has the most profound effect on the success of any system – more so than the choice of source component or amplification. True, the elements have to be compatible, but the contrast between a good loudspeaker and a bad one at any price point is transparently wider than with any other system component. In a market crowded with loudspeakers, and with auditions inevitably limited to a few brands, it’s much easier to choose wrong than to choose right. The brand that consistently delivers excellence in driver, cabinet, electronic and acoustic design to get closer to real fidelity in any given system is the one, which will inspire recognition in an audience and be acclaimed as very special.

Since 1972, Monitor Audio’s near fanatical commitment to raising standards of performance in every aspect of loudspeaker design coupled with its willingness to innovate has lifted the brand above the also-rans.

Daring to challenge design orthodoxy has been its signature approach. When Monitor Audio launched its R852MD loudspeaker – the first model to incorporate a metal dome tweeter - it caused quite a stir. Until that time, most metal domes were single-metal types made from copper or titanium and virtually all sounded unconvincing.

The R852 used an aluminium-magnesium alloy dome and sounded significantly better and smoother than all of its single-metal rivals. It also incorporated Ferro-fluid damping/cooling of the metal voice-coil former for better heat dissipation and a vented voice coil mechanism. These fundamental and radical design elements formed the basis for a whole new generation of C-CAM™ metal domes from Monitor Audio.

Since that milestone, Monitor Audio has become probably the world's foremost proponent of metal dome tweeters, extending the technology to metal cone bass/midrange drivers as well, with the introduction of the Studio 10 model in 1991

Monitor Audio’s founding and enduring commitment to engineering in all aspects of loudspeaker design found further expression in its acquisition of cabinet and driver manufacturing facilities. At once, decades of accumulated expertise and knowledge were dedicated to the challenge of delivering innovation and elevated standards of craftsmanship to the marketplace more rapidly and reliably than before.

Our success has been demonstrated by successive ranges of Monitor Audio loudspeakers, incorporating key technological advances such as the evolution of the 'Gold' anodised tweeter domes, used throughout the ‘Gold’, ‘Silver’ and ‘Bronze’ ranges today; RST™ - a uniquely dimpled alloy driver cone surface for ‘Gold’ Series designs; Puresound™ crossovers, MMP (metal matrix polymer) Bronze series cone designs and the new ATR™ reflex port design.

Acclaimed around the world, Monitor Audio’s exemplary cabinet construction and finish is regarded as a benchmark by many leading manufacturers.

These pictures show the production of our C-CAM drive units:

Shrewd and timely investment; unwavering adherence to a founding philosophy of excellence; and continuing innovation have propelled the brand to global status, and have endowed Monitor Audio loudspeakers with a consistency of design and build quality on which aficionados of music and movie sound have come to rely.

At the start of the 21st Century, Monitor Audio is building high performance loudspeakers to suit every budget and system requirement, be it two-channel or multi-channel hi-fi, multi-channel AV or fully integrated architectural solutions.

For the future, expect the innovation that drives our quest for ultimate fidelity and value to continue, together with our commitment to the finest ideal in loudspeaker design: to deliver sound which to the original recording is "As close as it gets".

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