i-Deck iPod and iPhone music system FAQs Made for iPod and iPhone

  • Does it charge my iPod and iPhone whilst playing?
    - Yes it does. Your iPod and iPhone will be charging the whole time it is in the i-deck until it is fully charged, or power is removed from the i-deck (blue LED goes out). Your iPod and iPhone will also charge even when you are not playing any music.

  • Can you upload to the iPod and iPhone whilst it is in the i-deck?
    - Yes you can using either the fire-wire or USB lead that was supplied with your iPod and iPhone
  • Is it both USB and USB 2 compatible?
    - Yes the i-deck is compatible with both USB and USB 2. The speed of transfer may be different depending on you type of connection.

  • What iPod and iPhone’s does the i-deck support?
    - The i-deck can be used to play any 3G or 4G iPod and iPhone

  • What happens if a new iPod and iPhone is released and doesn’t fit any of the existing bezels, will a new bezel be available for that iPod and iPhone?
    - Yes it will. As soon as we hear about a new iPod and iPhone being released, we will make a new bezel for this product. This will be available as an extra.

  • Can the i-deck support other products?
    - The i-deck can be used to play other music sources such as personal CD player, walkman, and other MP3 devices. These are all playable via the 3.5mm mini jack lead that is provided with the product.

  • I have got a 1st gen iPod and iPhone with the click wheel. Can I still use the i-deck with my iPod and iPhone?
    - Yes you can. However, you have to use the 3.5mm mini jack lead supplied.

  • I have got an iPod and iPhone Shuffle. Can I still use the i-deck with my iPod and iPhone?
    - Yes you can. However, you have to use the 3.5mm mini jack lead supplied.

  • Can the i-deck run on batteries?
    - Because the i-deck has been designed to be a Hi-Fi product, regrettably, the i-deck cannot be run on batteries. It can only be used with the mains power adaptor supplied with your i-deck.

  • What cables do I get with the i-deck?
    - You get all of the cables required to get you up and running straight away. You get:-
    2 x Speaker cables (1.5 metres long)
    1 x 3.5mm mini jack lead (1.5 metres long)
  • How far apart can the speakers be placed?
    - You can place them each upto 1.5m away from the dock. If they are placed too far apart (more than 1.5-2m), you will loose stereo imaging.

  • Can I fix the speakers and dock to a wall?
    - The speakers have a threaded insert in the back of them. This takes a “ UNC bolt. Please go to your local Hi-Fi dealer for the best bracket for your product. The dock does not have an insert in the back of it, but you can still place it on a shelf if you wish.

  • Can I get a i-deck from the UK for my son in Spain?
    - On the i-deck web site, there are links to all country’s local distributors.

  • Can I run my own speakers from the i-deck?
    - This is something that we would not recommend doing. The speakers that come with the i-deck have been designed to work with this product. Changing them for others, will result in the sound changing, and could even damage the speakers and/or dock.

  • If I lose the remote, can I get a replacement?
    - Yes. Because the remote is a small part of the i-deck jig saw, it is a readily available spare part.

  • Can you adjust the bass/ treble?
    - The bass and treble cannot be adjusted from the i-deck itself, however, the iPod and iPhone ‘EQ’ controls still work when it is in the i-deck, and the bass and treble can be adjusted via your iPod and iPhone.
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