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What do you do with your iPod and iPhone when you get home?

The new i-deck by Monitor Audio has been designed to get the 'most' from your iPod and iPhone, at home or workplace. Monitor Audio have an enviable reputation worldwide for building high-end speaker systems for over 30 years, receiving countless accolades and awards. i-deck transforms your iPod and iPhone into a full blown separates hi-fi system with stunning sound quality, guaranteed. Sit back and listen to your favourite music reproduced with power and refinement. Share your latest iPod and iPhone music with family and friends. For a great party select the 'shuffle' feature on your iPod and iPhone, hide the remote control in your pocket and mingle. Versatility is a real big advantage with i-deck offering the familiar 30 pin port to connect directly to your computer either by USB or Firewire. An additional auxiliary input ensures you can hook up a wide range of other equipment sources through the i-deck, such as; walkman, radio, C.D player etc...

  • Separate speakers – Provides flexible positioning options.
  • Hi-fi, 2-way speakers - Separate bass and high frequency drivers.
  • Single point speaker fixing – Wall mounting options are possible using the industry standard type fixing.
  • High quality 4” Bass/ midrange driver – Optimised to provide punchy bass and articulate mid-range.
  • 14mm gold coated polymer ring dome tweeter – Monitor Audio’s signature gold dome to give crystal clear high frequency.
  • Profiled enclosure – Made from Rigid ABS loaded polymer.
  • 30 pin connector port - Enables direct connection to a computer via the USB or Firewire leads provided with iPod and iPhone.
  • Auxiliary line input - 3.5mm stereo mini jack provided for connection to equipment such as walkman, radio etc (cable supplied)
  • Radio frequency remote control - 2.4GHz Digital Remote control unit. Features Volume (up/ down), track (up/ down), on/ Standby, Play/ Pause.
  • Automatic charge facility – Charges the iPod and iPhone when it’s docked.
  • Replaceable bezel inserts to accept - iPod and iPhone 3G (10/15GB), iPod and iPhone 3G (30GB), iPod and iPhone 4G (20GB), iPod and iPhone 4G (40GB), iPod and iPhone Photo (30GB), iPod and iPhone Photo (60GB), iPod and iPhone mini.
  • Blue LED illuminated i-deck logo indicates operation.
  • Microprocessor controlled – Controls functions and data stream from iPod and iPhone.
  • External A.C power supply adaptor.
  • Certified to: FCC, U.L, CE, SMA standards.
With these connectors
i-Deck is compatible with all iPod and iPhones.

Connectors are included with every i-Deck product
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